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Internet Marketing in Arizona

Southwest Media Communications is the small, savvy team behind six of Arizona's leading travel guide websites and four real estate websites. As our core business, we work hard to ensure that our own sites organically rank well (really well), providing advertising value to our customers and a wealth of information to our visitors. To stay on top in our Arizona markets, we work smart and hard, and we can do it for you, too.

How Our Experience Can Benefit You

We gotta be honest; we can't get your website to rank #1 for competitive search terms in a couple of weeks. In fact, no one can, so don't believe those spam emails you've no doubt received. To rank well organically on the search engines, it takes time, a strong website foundation, and strategic effort. Sound like any other worthwhile undertaking? You won't find quick fixes and black-hat shortcuts with us. Instead, you'll get proven expertise, sound advice and cutting-edge, trustworthy techniques that will put your website's best foot forward. We can provide a strong website foundation and "teach you to fish," which we believe is essential in maintaining an effective Internet presence. Why teach you to how to do this stuff yourself? Because you know your business better than we do, it will save you money, and using your authentic voice will get you further with the search engines. And of course, we'll always be here to teach you the next smart move in this ever-changing game with the search engines.

  • Arizona Travel Guide Websites

    Arizona Travel Guides

    Our Arizona travel websites receive over 3 million unique visitors each year offering insight as to where to go, things do do, and places to stay when visiting Arizona.

    Go ahead and do a search on Google, Yahoo! or Bing for Sedona, Sedona hotels, Sedona restaurants, etc. and look for As a matter of fact, these high-ranking results are true for all of our travel destinations like the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff or Prescott. That's what we do.

    If you have a travel or real estate business in these Arizona cities and don't have a full-time staff of people working five days a week (or more) to drive traffic to your website, call us. There's a spot on our travel guides just waiting for you.

  • Real Estate Websites

    Arizona Real Estate Resources

    The National Association of Realtors (NAR) says 87% of potential real estate buyers begin searching for homes on the Internet. That means if you're a Realtor, resort lifestyle community, or broker - your web presence is a must.

    In a time when it seem like there are just as many Realtors as there are homes for sale, having a superior web presence is the best way a Realtor can gain a competitive edge. Bus benches, direct mail, local magazines - that's what "they" are doing. But you're smart. You want to track your results. You need to KNOW your marketing is working. You've learned that the web can help you reach new customers on a national, state, city and even micro-community level, not just local folks who might see and recall your name on a bench, sign or direct mail piece.

    Advertising with us on, for example,, is like putting your open house signs on every corner in the country, guiding luxury home seekers in your market right to you. Picture this: one of the 87% of online home seekers uses one of the hundreds of highly-searched keywords for which we rank well, like "golf communities in arizona". Aha! There's! And there you could be. The searcher clicks, they see you, and start interacting. They're now your qualified, engaged customer; what you do next is up to you. Just let us know if you want us to start the ball rolling and help you find new customers, sell more homes and make more money.

  • Search Engine Optimization and Web Development

    SEO | SEM | Web Development

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is kind of like that saying about a tree in the forest. In other words, it doesn't matter if you have a website if no one can find it.

    Unless you have successfully acquired all the currently known knowledge in world, built a car that drives itself, mapped the entire world (and how to get there via foot, kayak or jet ski), and have integrated yourself into the security of the United States of America - we recommend abiding to the guidelines made according to the rule book of Google; and doing it really, really well.

    Our philosophy is as follows: Clean code. Fast loading. Good, fresh relevant content. Relevant links. Easy to use. Being social. It's not easy doing things properly - but it's undoubtedly the best way.