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Custom Advertising Packages

If you would like to advertise on multiple websites or need to work within a specific budget, let us help you build the best advertising package for your business!

What We Do.

We help online visitors find answers to their Arizona travel related questions.

Most typically, they search the Internet for "Where to Stay", "Things to Do", "Restaurants", and "Tours". We make sure we consistently rank well on Google for these competitive keyword phrases and dozens more.

The results are us being able to send high-volume, high-quality traffic to our advertisers' business websites at a low-cost, flat monthly rate.

How We Do It.

We keep our suite of Arizona-based online travel guide websites ranking high in the Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) for the most competitive keyword searches in our industry. The more online visitors we get, the more people we're able to send to the businesses that advertise with us. Currently, our websites collectively receive nearly 2 million visitors each year. Our marketing team is in-house allowing us to be dynamic and quick to adapt to the ever evolving needs and behaviors of the visitors, businesses and search engines.

Should You Advertise with Us?

If your business is something a tourist or visitor would be interested in, then ABSOLUTELY.

First, we are consistently among our advertisers' top 3 referrers when looking at their Google Analytics. We typically send more website visitors to our advertisers' websites than Trip Advisor and the local Chamber of Commerce or Convention of Visitors Bureau.

Second, we cost less than Trip Advisor or an average AdWords campaign - about 30-70% less.


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A Little About us

Southwest Media Communications has owned and operated these online travel guide websites for over 12 years. We operate out of Cave Creek and Flagstaff, Arizona and take pride in being a value proposition. We have found that many small business in the areas we promote don't have always have the budget, time, man-power or marketing savvy to keep up with website SEO; efficient and effective AdWords campaigns; and the increasing prices of Trip Advisor and other affiliate booking commission channels for hotels and tours. We strive to continue to be a significant source of high-quality, affordable advertising for local businesses throughout Arizona.

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