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Flagstaff.com is the most used website for people visiting Flagstaff, AZ. Use your online marketing tools and take a look at the competitive data; you'll find that Flagstaff.com gets about 25-30% more traffic than the very next leading competitive website. Flagstaff.com receives an average of 36,000+ sessions every month and ranks on the first page of Google for competitive keywords like "Flagstaff hotels", "things to do in Flagstaff" "Flagstaff tours" and even "Flagstaff restaurants" -Flagstaff.com features dozens of article pages to advertise on with useful information such as "Flagstaff with Kids", "7 Ways to Spend Halloween in Flagstaff" and sample itineraries. If you're looking to reach people visiting Flagstaff, Flagstaff.com is a must. You won't find a better resource out there when it comes to high-volume, quality, low-cost, targeted, trackable advertising.

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A Quick Look at Some Numbers

  • 36,000 average sessions/mo
  • 84,000 average pageviews/mo
  • 48,000 average total clicks on ads/mo
  • Avg. Equivalent Pay Per Click cost 32-40 cents


Main Category # of Sub Categories Total Avg. Pageviews/Mo
Where to Stay 18 10,000
Things to Do 11 18,000
Food & Drink 8 5,000
Best For... 10 3,000
Visitor Info 8 2,500



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