About is a Grand Canyon tourism website that primarily focuses on providing information for visitors entering the Grand Canyon from the Arizona side (South Rim) as opposed to the Nevada side (West Rim). receives an average of 46,000 sessions every month and the numbers are rising! Ranking well on Google for Grand Canyon keywords is highly competitive as the interest for the Grand Canyon is largely international. That is why we have found it beneficial to split up the focus to provide visitors with hotels, tours and information that coincides with, and simplifies visitors' travel goals and expectations. Although ranks well on Google for many of the most competitive keywords, our articles and local area tips about the Grand Canyon have proven to be a great source of traffic to this website. is a functional, high-volume, quality, low-cost, targeted, trackable source of advertising for your Grand Canyon business.

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A Quick Look At Some Numbers

  • 46,000 average sessions/mo
  • 92,000 average pageviews/mo
  • 33,000 average total clicks on ads/mo
  • Avg. Equivalent Pay Per Click cost 32-40 cents


Main Category # of Sub Categories Total Avg. Pageviews/Mo
GCNP 15 17,000
Hotels & Lodging 16 13,000
Tours & Things to Do 17 18,000
Areas of Interest 13 2,500
Visitor Info 11 23,000



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